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Purcell Integrated is a well-established Alberta owned company servicing Alberta.  We are a private limited company that offers a wide range of rental and hotshot services to the Oil, Gas, Forestry, and Mining Industry.


We offer 24/7 Trucking services for in town or out of town needs, whether it is for drilling rigs or pipeline equipment or just supplying guys with lunch. Trucks available are everything from a pickup to a one ton or even a picker with a flat deck. Trucks are up to Alberta standards with CVIPs and carrying correct trailers to supply the need. All our employees have their safety tickets and are excellent drivers.


Purcell Integrated also offers Rental services to companies who cannot supply their own. This includes Fuel Storage Units, Incinerators, Light Towers, Light Tower Generator Combo Units, Mobile Wash Stations, Office Trailers, Potable Water Storage Units, Portable Toilets, Rig Matting, and Trash Pumps. All of these are transported through Purcell Integrated so no extra trucking fees are needed.


Our track record in the “safety and environmental” sectors has been noted to be exceptional by many of our customers.


The company has a proven track record in the Oil and Gas Industry areas such as refineries, compressor facilities and pipeline projects. We pride ourselves in delivering project assessments, supervision, H2S and gas detection, and worker protection with “Best in the Class” experience, innovation and people.